The 6th China HVAC Brand Festival IN 2018

In september 7-8, 2018, hosted by the Cold and Warm Business Magazine, the China Business Model Development Association, and the Shenzhen Intelligent Manufacturers Association, the 6th China HVAC Brand Festival in Shenzhen with the theme of “Seeing the Future, HVAC and Creating New Potentialheld in Shenzhen Venus Royal Hotel.

Mammoth Group participated in the conference as a leading company in the “ground source heat pump industry,and with excellent product quality, excellent customer service and brand influence in the industry, it has won the "2018 China HVAC Green Award" after various layers of selection.This award is not only a great affirmation of the achievements of the United States and Italy in the field of green energy conservation for many years, but also gives the United States a greater sense of mission.Mammoth Group will surely live up to expectations, continue to adhere to the development concept of science and technology and innovation, actively respond to the call of the country, adhere to the "artisan spirit", find a suitable direction for enterprise development and transformation, and contribute to China's low-carbon environmental protection and green energy-saving business.