Dong Haifeng, Manager of the Greater China Region of the Mammoth: Doing Markets

In fact, in recent years, the development of water source heat pump prod-ucts has been very rough, and it has been in a state of arrogance. The mark-et for water source heat pump products is getting smaller and smaller, with water source heat pumps as the main sales products.Brand days are not very good.According to Dong Haifeng, nowadays, Mammoth is the only brand in the Huazhong professional water source heat pump brand that has not experi-enced a decline in sales. From the perspective of sales, Mammoth has mainta-ined a stable share in Central China in recent years.However, Dong Haifeng a-lso said that this sales volume is not a water source heat pump product, but also includes end, modular machine, water-cooled screw machine and other products, "we want to do market because of the situation", Dong Haifeng belie-ves that only in this way can maintain their own place in the market.In rece-nt years, the days of water source heat pump products have not been better, and the same is true in Central China. Therefore, it is obviously not advis=abl-e to rely solely on water source heat pump products for the market.

In the past few years, I have clearly felt that the number of p-rojects on the market has been greatly reduced. In addition, the g-eological conditions in Central China are not very suitable. The initi-al investment in the water source heat pump products is larger than conventional products, so even though It will be very energy effic-ient to use in the later stage of publicity, but many parties are still unwilling to adopt it.In addition, when there were subsidies, many projects used blind subsidies to get the water source heat pump, w-hich led to many problems in the later stage of the project, which ultimately led to many projects on the market that even if the pro-ject is very suitable for water source heat pump products.Also less willing to choose a water source he-at pump system.Dong Haifeng said frankly.

Under this circumstance, Dong Haifeng can only promote other water source heat pump promotion and guidance work, but also promote other pro-ducts, such as modular machine and water-cooling, in order to maintain the decline of sales in the whole Central China region.Screw machine, end, etc., but slightly adjusted in strategy.Dong Haifeng introduced to HVAC Information: "As long as Huazhong can use water source heat pump projects, Mammoth can parti-cipate in it. Because of technical strength and brand awareness, no engineering company does not know the brand."However, different conventional products, Dong Haifeng said, "At present, the compr-ehensive competitive strength of the mammoth on conventional pro-ducts has yet to be improved, and the conventional products them-selves are fiercely competitive. The price is not a long-term project, so it is generally not a waste of time.Participate in grasping relati-vely large projects."

 The overall situation of the water source heat pump market is not good, and the opportunities for regular product participation are limited. What should I do?Dong Haifeng revealed that they are now focusing on industrial system energy conservation as a new growth point.Dong Haifeng said: "The capacity of this market is much larger than that of the civilian market, but it is not easy to cut in quickly. The market needs to be cultivated slowly."However, Dong Haifeng believes that although the promotion process will be slower, as long as a model is made in each industry, it is relatively easy to copy it later. So mammoth is working hard.