Tongyi University School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

On the morning of August 27, 2018, the teachers and students of HVAC at the School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of Shanghai Tongji University came to Mammoth (Zhejiang) Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. for a one-week internship.

Mr. Zhu Shengmin, the general manager of the company, introduced the basic situation of the company to the visiting teachers and students. He expressed his warm welcome to the first batch of teachers and students who came to our company. At the same time, he encouraged the students to use this time to and discuss with the factory masters.Expand your knowledge by learning more knowledge beyond books and verifying the knowledge of books.Internship team teacher, Tong Li University HVAC and Gas Research Institute, 15th grade HVAC class teacher Wu Lirui also encouraged and mobilized everyone, put forward strict requirements for the internship, and arranged related topics for students, I hope students through hands-on experience and contact on the ground, we will learn more knowledge and experience and lay the foundation for future work, further study and further development.

In order to achieve better training and internship results, we were divided into four groups, which were led and coached by the four departments of Product Engineering, Technology, Production and Quality, from product design (on paper) to craftsmanship.Organization and implementation (from paper to physical), to the actual production and manufacturing of the site to the final quality control of the finished product, have been fully learned and understood.Finally, in response to the problems encountered in the learning process, a series of questions and explanations were given. The students also reported on the internships in a week, and the whole internship was a complete success.

The School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of Tongji University attached great importance to this internship. Dr. Zhou Xiang and Mr. Gao Yulei, deputy directors of the HVAC and Gas Research Institute, participated in and guided.