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The after-sales service policies and procedures of Mammoth products are the policies and procedures that are always implemented by Mammoth. As a designated sales intermediary and service entity for the sale and maintenance of Mammoth products in China,  Mammoth will be fully responsible for fulfilling this policy and procedures, and the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Economic Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" are strictly implemented. The following words concerning " Mammoth" or " Mammoth company" are replaced and executed by " Mammoth".

After-sales service

The company's service tenet is "professional, standardized, team, and efficient."In the shortest time, with the highest efficiency to provide the specifications and professional services promised by the company, you will be satisfied.

Service commitment

According to the site requirements of the project, special personnel will be stationed, commissioning and service plans will be formulated according to the requirements of the site work, and on-site service repair will ensure response within half an hour.Conduct statistical summarization of field devices, draw up a list of product parts, and set up common parts warehouses on the project site when necessary to ensure timely supply of repair parts.

Service staffing

The National After-sales Service Center of  Mammoth Products is located in the Shanghai headquarters . The after-sales service center has 8 managers of national after-sales service directors, and has a number of technically comprehensive, well-serviced service supervisors and technical support personnel; full-time management in all regions of the country and The service staff totals 230 people.


National unified service repair hotline:400-820-1700
After-sales service center fax:021-60139770

Technical support hotline:400-826-0785

Service supervision call:0572-5867396/5867397/5867398 *8727

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